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Things I Love: Part I

I’ve noticed that most of the posts on this blog feature me complaining about things. I’m starting a series today where I purely and simply tell you about something I love. It’ll all be about something simple in life and maybe insignificant but the kind of thing that stops me from going mad.

When your favourite song from an album just so happens to be the longest

Zee? Are you sure, mate?

It’s ‘zed’. You come from England and have lived here your whole life.

Who’s fault is all this? It happens quite a lot these days. ZZTop? Jay-Z? Sesame Street? Or is it people trying to be cool? I’m not sure.

‘Zee’ sounds too much like ‘C’ so it’s handy to call it ‘zed’ if nothing else.

I understand language is a fluid thing and that most Americanisms are actually abandoned Britishisms from when people emigrated there (including ‘zee’, according to Wikipedia), so why does this one get to me so much?!

Music is shit

Since about 2002 I’ve been struggling finding music that I really like. It might just be that I’m not 21 anymore and don’t get as excited about it as I used to, it might be that I’ve just found exactly my favourite kind of music and will never change until I die or it might be because I’ve heard it all before and things are just being rehashed in a way that I consider worse than what came before it.

In 2004ish, I found myself quite liking The Killers. I thought at the time, “is this just becuase there’s nothing else good around?”. I think that’s what it is as now I can count on one hand, with spare fingers, the amount of Killers songs I still like. This is why I listen to Five Live, Talksport or Radio 4 all the time.

My favourite current band right now is Two Door Cinema Club. I could listen to them all day, but when I hear Street Carp by Deftones, Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks, Nighswimming by R.E.M. or Never A Friend by Wilt I wonder how it stacks up.

Two Door Cinema Club have hit the nail on the head for a first album. They’ve not varied thngs too much. I struggle to pick a favourite song of the album because mose of the songs are the same as each other – but I like one of them, so I like them all. They’re used a lot on TV and radio adverts which is a bit annoying but you can’t blame them for that.

My problem is that I have no idea if I’ll still like this band or this album in 6 months, let alone 9 years.

What is there to listen to for an old-school Deftones, MyVitriol, Pennywise, AFI fan these days? Most of the guitar stuff out there is emo crap.

A little follow-up on the Clarkson thing…

I think my point is this:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

However, put in my terms and in reference to Jeremy Clarkson:

I think you’re a bit of a cunt, but I’ll defend your right to be one

Have a great weekend!