Zee? Are you sure, mate?

It’s ‘zed’. You come from England and have lived here your whole life.

Who’s fault is all this? It happens quite a lot these days. ZZTop? Jay-Z? Sesame Street? Or is it people trying to be cool? I’m not sure.

‘Zee’ sounds too much like ‘C’ so it’s handy to call it ‘zed’ if nothing else.

I understand language is a fluid thing and that most Americanisms are actually abandoned Britishisms from when people emigrated there (including ‘zee’, according to Wikipedia), so why does this one get to me so much?!


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Motorsport, football, AFL, noisy music, Pez. Web designer from S. London/Kent, lives in the north. Lapsed punk drummer. Probably craving a walk in the hills

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