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Future News: ‘Radish’ Redknapp Sacked as England Manager

I can see this happening, can’t you?

Harry Redknapp Sacked as England Manager

Harry Redknapp Sacked as England Manager (click to view full size)

Please ignore the couple of typos I’ve spotted, I can’t be bothered going back to change them. The point is made either way.

What’s wrong with Top Gear?

Top Gear

Top Gear

There’s a story on the Guardian website talking about Top Gear and the format of the show. I read the article and left a comment which I’ve repoduced below:

Things that are good:

Direction and production. If you want a good example of how a beautiful looking television program should be put together, look no further than Top Gear.

The presenters. Hear me out on this one. Ok, the format is looking tired but the whole reason the show is so popular is that people like(d?) the presenters – or at least the chemstry between them.

Top Gear in Bolivia

Top Gear in Bolivia

Things that need to change:

The Formulaic Format. We all know there’s going to be a challenge introduction/new supercar test then the news, then a continuation of the challenge/power lap then the celebrity interview then either the completion of the challenge or a couple of ‘magazine’ pieces. Mix it up a little.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. I think the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment is too long. I’m all for people seeing who can drive the car around the quickest, but I don’t want to hear about their next film, book, song or whatever. Famous folks seemed to go on the show in the earlier series simply for the experience and doubtless fun they would have while doing it. We’ll get more enthusiastic people to watch if they went back to this.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

The Lack of Car Reviews. Top Gear used to be a motoring show, now it’s a show that features cars but is all about the presenters. 9 out of 10 people who watch the show (my guess) watch it because they’re interested in cars, even slightly. To give good insight on cars would be useful. Each series they should ensure they conduct a road test or comparison of cars in each of the under £10k, £10k-£20k and £20k-£30/£35k brackets. The presenters are first and foremost car journalists so it wouldn’t be hard for them – and we’ll also get to see them do what got them on the show in the first place.

Too Many Supercars. I love supercars. The technology. The way the designers are having to compromise and stretch themselves to conform to stricter EU regulations while still producing performance machinery. The bespoke tyres some of these cars require. It all intregues me. It’s like the geeky side of F1 in a slightly more real-life setting. However, as nice as supercars are, and they have their place, if you watched Top Gear you’d assume there were more £140k+ cars being released than sub £20k ones. I don’t need to see a test of a Porsche or Ferrari which is the same as the car that was tested in the last series with ‘GT’ after its name. We get the idea. They’ve stiffened the suspension, put lower profile tyres on it, given it 50-100 more bhp, added a spoiler, maybe and trimmed weight off of wing mirrors, bonnet covers, etc. It’s the same car, just a bit quicker, thanks.