I never remember dreams usually but…

I had a very strange dream last night.

I dreamt that a workmate of mine, who’s getting married soon, was pregnant and about to give birth to a baby that wasn’t her fiancée’s. It was hers and someone who is a supplier to the firm I work for (but no-one specific), just that they were Scandinavian (this doesn’t match with anyone as far as I know). The fact they were Scandinavian wasn’t said specifically but as the unborn baby, who we knew to be a girl, was going to be called Helga, I guessed as much. So far so not very weird, just a bit unusual…

The weird thing was that everyone thought it was mine. There was a good reason for this, so it seemed, but that didn’t emerge in the dream. It wasn’t mine, of course, but as I went to the hospital as she’d gone into labour, she’d given birth before I got there and the baby was stillborn. I was upset, but only for her, not for myself as it wasn’t my kid. Obviously I had to make it look like I was more upset than I really was and I was comforted by some of my workmates. I admitted after that the baby wasn’t mine at all and that my fiancée would be relieved. She knew all about it, apparently, but thought it was mine too. Then I woke up.

I very rarely remember my dreams but this one’s stuck in my head all day due to its oddness. I don’t believe in the significance of dreams, really, but ever since I studied semiotics as part of an A level course I am interested in what people read into things. A stillborn in a dream apparently means:

Your loss of trust in someone or something. It may also refer to a loss of innocence or a sudden or unexpected end to something.

I’m not sure if there’s a particular relevance in that and, as I said, I don’t believe in that kind of thing anyway being a cynical sod.

Hopefully now I’ve typed this out it’ll get out of my head, it’s been bugging me all day!


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