Olympic Sports for Normal People

A generation, inspired

A generation, inspired

So, the Olympics Games are over and everyone’s talking “legacy”. The main legacy seems to be to get people involved in sport (which, coincidentally, is what they wanted to get sorted before the games began). They’re talking about people turning up at their local taekwondo, boxing, athletics (etc) clubs and being given something to do an have some right good fun while doing it.

Most people I’ve heard on the radio taking about this kind of thing are saying things like “I want to take my daughter…” and “My son says he wants to try…”. That’s is great, kids and activity go together like gravy granules and water. However, where’s my piece of this legacy pie?


Handball: Looks fun to me

I’m not as fit as I was (my 12 second 100m days are over) but I fancy giving handball a go. There’s one handball club in Huddersfield and it’s part of the uni so there’s no chance there. I’d also like to have a go at some athletic events, give the decathlon a go. Surely doing ten different events would keep you nice and fit without it being boring at all. You can keep track of your scores and you’ve got 10 personal bests to beat on any given day. Great!

Where can I do this? I’ve no idea. There’s a local athletics club in Huddersfield but I’ve just gone onto their site and there’s nothing saying “come along, try things out”. There’s a page about joining and a scary page about personal bests (sub 4 minute miles? Come on now!) but nothing saying “To build on the back of the Olympics, we invite you to the club for an open day on Saturday”. What’s what these clubs should be doing.

It’s all well and good if you’re a kid. You get taken to these places by your mum or dad and they’ll find something for you to do. If you go along as a 30 year old man and can’t do the 800m in less than 4 minutes, you’re going to feel a bit stupid.

The government are now banging on about competitive sport in schools. This, again, is great if you’re any good. I played football at school and was alright at it so that was fine for me. However, some people just aren’t sporty. To make them compete at something they’re useless at would be soul destroying. It’s no wonder so many people give up any form of sport as soon as they’re not made to do it.

Cameron has had a pop at “Indian dancing”, as he’s called it, because it’s non-competitive. Ok, competition builds improvement (generally) but for those who are non-competitive by nature or just not very good at sport, this form of physical activity is as good as it’s going to get. The way Cameron’s talking, it sounds like he’s saying “if you’re not good at sport, forget it”. Sounds quite elitist, doesn’t it. Familiar?

In conclusion to another rambling moan, my points are these: Let me have a go at sports despite my lack of physical fitness and let kids do whatever form of physical exercise they enjoy.

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