Let’s End Fergie Time… From a United Fan

In the 2010-11 season, the ball was in play for 62m 39sec. Bear in mind that the referee is supposed to play ‘stoppage time’ at the end of each half and it’s clear to see that there should be a quarter of an hour or so before the whistle is blown – and that’s if the ball stays in play the whole time.

Alex Ferguson has once again complained about the amount of stoppage time that’s played at the end of games that we lose. He does it all the time. There’s not a lot wrong with this as he’s a determined man and a born winner. Also, the stats show that he’s right.

The answer to this is to make football matches last 60 or 70 minutes with timekeeping being taken out of the referee’s hands and controlled by a dedicated official, pitchside. Each time there is a stoppage, the clock is stopped. It’s a win-win situation. Stoke fans will not only be able to watch Rory Delap wipe a football dry for around 10 minutes a match, they’ll also get to watch some football as well. Referee’s will not be implored to blow a whistle by a baying crowd. We will have fairness.

Imagine an end to petty timewasting. United have been good at this in recent years, aided by the expert actions of the much missed Edwin van der Sar, who must have wasted hours and hours of time over his career. None of that frustration we’ve all felt when the opposition wander slowly over to take a throw-in, walk slowly off when substituted or when the keeper moves the ball to the other side of the 6 yard box for a goal kick will not happen any more. It will be pure football and surely that’s what we all want.


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