The Bundesliga on ITV4

I’ve started watching German football. It’s very good. Even mid-table games like Freiburg v Stuttgart have real quality to them. It may just be a passing fad, a bit like when I decided Aussie Rules Football was the best thing since sliced bread earlier in the year after this game.

I’ve been watching the highlights show that’s on ITV4 each Monday at 10pm – I assume it’s the same as the one on ESPN – with its peculiar commentary. The commentators talk about the game with the clear indication that they know the result but in a way that kind of half-live as well. Difficult to describe and sort of annoying but it’s worth it for the football. There’s no punditry, no interviews, nothing. Just the goals and chances. Simple and you can make your own mind up without Alan Shearer/Hansen talking bollocks at you.

If you watch Match of the Day then watch the Bundesliga highlights, there is no comparison when it comes to the quality of football. Slick passing all through the league, teams unafraid to take chances and the refereeing appears to be very good and fair.

If you, like me, are falling out of love with football, give it a try. It might help rekindle your interest.

I’ve not abandoned my love of Manchester United, of course, and am off to Old Trafford this evening for the West Ham game. Let’s hope for a good result.


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