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Victorian architecture is the perfect segue to racism, apparently

Butterley Splillway

Butterley Splillway

PRE-NOTE: I see a couple of people have arrived on this page looking for walks to Butterley Spillway. Well, it just so happens that I keep blog full of free walking routes and maps and  as well! Two walks that pass Butterley Spillway are March Hill from Marsden and Five Reservoir Stride: Slaithwaite to Marsden. Have fun!

I have just read a story on the Huddersfield Examiner website about a Victorian spillway from a reservoir in Marsden. I’ve walked past it on a couple of occasions and it’s a lovely piece of engineering. However, it doesn’t comply with modern safety regulations so it’s been marked for replacement using concrete rather than the current stone.

I see that there’s a campaign to stop this happening so I find their Twitter page and take a look at some of the news stories they’ve linked to. One of them is from the Daily Mail. Yes, them again. The World’s most popular news website.

You’d have thought that it would be quite difficult to move seamlessly from the restoration of Victorian Architecture to racism and xenophobia but it comes very naturally to many of those who comment on the Mail’s website. Take a look at this:

What a lovely, welcoming country we live in. I’m not sure if the budgets set for such things are as transferable as that.

You may notice that one commentator says how it’s a good thing that unused churches are converted for other forms of worship. Either a brave man or a troll.

It brings to mind an old blog post I wrote years ago. Check it out if you like (note: 5 years on, I could never say I believe in God!).