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If you’ve got the money, why not eh…

Want a guy with a machine gun outside your house? No problem.


Anyone know what on earth this is all about?!

Re: “The Mandatory Tweets of the Left”

There’s an article on The Telegraph’s website named “The Mandatory Tweets of the Left: a user’s guide“. It’s a wry look at left-wing Twitter users and the fact they they always seem to mention the phenomenon of white girls jumping in photos on A Level results day. This is such a recognised thing now that even The Telegraph themselves are commenting it’s ubiquitousness in that link.

The points they make poke fun at many people on Twitter who do a lot of what they say – there really are people who are quite like that. My point is, though, that it’s a bit rich to poke fun at well-meaning people.

It is generally the case in my experience that left-wing leaning people are nicer, more tolerant and more socially minded that those with right-wing inclinations. People with right-wing thoughts seem to focus more on the perceived negative impacts of social groups, nationalities or individuals.

I follow a member of my extended family on Twitter and the stuff they retweet is often hateful and negative propaganda from parties on the margins of the political spectrum. It’s not nice. However, even some of this can be looked at in more than one way.

For example, this was also tweeted:

I think that’s an interesting and potentially good thing. Of course, it was re-tweeted with the opposite thought. Some were positive, some negative. And this is my point.

It may suit The Telegraph to poke fun at people who are tolerant and socially aware but it’s probably a little unwarranted.

Perhaps those on the left just have more of an optimistic attitude.

Time, and how to convert it (for idiots)

Have you ever read an article on the internet, in print or wherever and thought, “do they really need to tell people this?”. I just have.

The usually excellent has published an article on how to convert 12-hour time into 24. Honestly. You know, 9pm is 21:00, 1pm is 13:00, that kind of thing. You know, the kind of thing we all know without thinking.

If I needed to explain it to anyone, perhaps a small child, I’d just say “add 12 hours if it’s the afternoon” and leave it at that. Their solution is the same but written in a needlessly confusing way:

For a military time that’s 1300 or larger, simply subtract 1200 to get the standard time. So for example if someone says “Meet me in room 202 at 1545,” you’d just subtract 1200 from 1545 to get 3:45pm. Simple right?

If you want to convert standard time to military time, add 1200 to any time from 1:00pm to 11:00pm. So if you want to say 6:30pm in military lingo, add 1200 to 6:30 to get 1830.

It’s clearly understandable, yes, but not as succinct as my explanation I reckon. Then again, I’m not sure my explanation would’ve been published on a popular website or get 40+ comments, either.

They’ve wasted time in writing the article and now I’ve wasted time writing about it!