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Fans who leave early piss me off

I was at the Man Utd v Benfica game yesterday which finished 2-2. It was quite an exciting game – I certainly did my fair share of shouting, getting annoyed and partook in some quite horrific swearing at their number 14, the like of which I wouldn’t usually use (I’m sorry, Maxi Pereira, it’s a funny old game™).

Anyway, the point is that from the 75th minute onwards (when it was already 2-2), people sat round me were setting off home. Why? Were they bored? I can’t see the point in getting a ticket for a game if you’re going to leave early even if the game is finely poised at 2-2. They’d all paid £40-£45 each for their tickets.

Ok, they can find the result later on but they were actually at the game. It’s like going to the cinema and leaving 10 minutes before the end saying, “it’s ok, I can read the review when I get home to find out what happened at the end”.

Here are my views on the matter: If your team is winning 4-0, I think you should stay to applaud the team off at the end but in effect the game’s over, so you can go. If your team’s 4-0 down and want to leave in protest, you may do so, but no less than 5 minutes before the end.

If beating the traffic is one of the things you factor in when going to watch a match, you should seriously consider your position as a football supporter. Either that or go and see a team where traffic’s not an issue. The non-league will happily let you in and with the lack of traffic, you may even see 90 minutes worth of football.