Things To Do

People have these ‘bucket list’ things and I always thought they were a bit daft. Then I realised that it’s handy to have a place to put the things you say you want to do then forget about. This list will build over time, I’m sure.

I’m trying to keep to vaguely achievable things. I’d love to go into orbit but unless I’ve got hundreds of thousands of pounds to waste, it’s never gonna happen.

Number – Thing to do – date added – completed

  1. Start a list of things you want to do with your life (25/1/13)  – Done! 25/1/13
  2. Go to another foreign Grand Prix (25/1/13)
  3. Go to another British Grand Prix (25/1/13) – Done! 05/06/15
  4. Walk the Newlands Horseshoe (25/1/13)
  5. Watch a Man Utd v Barcelona or Real Madrid game at Old Trafford (25/1/13)
  6. Start playing the drums again (25/1/13)
  7. Build a walking website that has 100 visitors/week (25/1/13)
  8. Get to 100 Pez dispensers and fill them all (25/1/13)
  9. Do the Coast to Coast walk (25/1/13)
  10. Go to an F.A. Cup game in every round, or at least as many rounds as I can get tickets for (25/1/13)
  11. Watch the sun rise from West Nab hill (25/1/13)
  12. Watch the sun set from West Nab hill (25/1/13)
  13. Hear the Last Post at the Menin Gate (25/1/13)
  14. Watch a space launch (25/1/13)
  15. Do a 2 day walk in The Lakes taking in Scafell Pike (25/1/13)
  16. Ride the new cable car in London (25/1/13)
  17. Find a fish I enjoy eating (25/1/13)
  18. Find a geocache (25/1/13)  – Done! 23/09/15
  19. Have a go on a Segway (25/1/13)
  20. Visit Scandinavia (25/1/13)
  21. Learn to paint/draw quite well (25/1/13)
  22. Go to a Classical Concert (25/1/13)
  23. Get a cheap last minute flight and go somewhere I never expected to go (25/1/13)
  24. Take a photography lesson (25/1/13)
  25. Complete all 214 Wainwright fells (25/1/13)
  26. Drive a single-seater racing car (25/1/13)
  27. Visit a far-eastern country (25/1/13)
  28. Visit Canada (25/1/13)
  29. Build a massive snowman in the hills (29/1/13)
  30. Write a piece of fiction (19/3/13)

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