F1 Silly Season 2014

F1 silly season is very silly this year. Here are two things things that are happening, one for certain, one quite possible.

McLaren think they’ll be faster next year by ditching the best engine in the sport

Ferrari think they’ll be faster next year by ditching the best driver in the sport


P.S. Let’s hope Bianchi pulls through. You can look back through some old pages on here to see that I rate him highly.

Does religion breed bigots or do bigots hide behind religion?

Read this: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jul/08/bert-and-ernie-gay-wedding-cake-northern-ireland-ashers-bakery

Some bakers in Northern Ireland say they won’t bake a Bert and Ernie cake for a gay couple as it’s out of line with their beliefs, given to them by the bible. This begs a question – does religion create bigots or do people who are bigoted use religion as an excuse for their ideals?

Personally speaking, I’m not religious. The bible has a giant in it and contradicts itself so often as to be disregardable. I’ve read a fair chunk of it to understand where people are coming from but cannot see how it could encourage you to devote your life to it or those people depicted.

I’m of the mind that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. Be nice to people, understand their point of view and consider if your views are what you truly believe or what you’ve been told.

Just bake the cake and make people happy. What would Jesus do?

Bitcoins: A Wonder For Economics Students

I did an A Level in Economics when I was at college. I found it really interesting though many of the finer nuances were a little difficult to grasp. One thing I do wish, however, was that the Bitcoin was around when I was studying.

I’ve just read this:

According to the official US Bureau of Labor Statistics measure, prices measured in dollars are up 1.3% since January. That’s mild inflation. Prices measured in Bitcoins are down 98.5% over the same period.

I wish I still understood enough about economics to understand it all and the implications of it. It would make for a fascinating study.

One thing I do understand is that I should’ve bought some of them when I was thinking about it a couple of years ago!!